Commissions may seem like a challenging or intimidating proposal, but they are anything but. A large part of the work that I do is commissioned.  This option is for people who want to have a more personal hand in the creation of a piece.  The process is relatively simple:

  • Browse the site to get to know the style of my work, and let me know the pieces that you like. Sometimes, but not always, the new piece is created based on something that the client has seen before.
  • Our initial conversations will help us decide on the size, style, contents, and general direction of the commission.
  • I require a 50% deposit so that I can purchase the materials and begin on the work.
  • As my work proceeds, I will provide you with a password-protected link to a page on this site where I will post images of the work in progress. It is preferable to make adjustments to the work in the earlier stages than to make drastic changes when the piece is close to completion. (A change fee may be incurred if changes are substantial. This depends on the scope of the requested changes and will be explicitly discussed.)
  • When the painting reaches a completion point where both the artist and the client are happy, it will be crated and shipped.
  • Upon receipt of the painting, the remaining balance is due.  This will include shipping costs.